Saturday, November 26, 2016

Corn Maiden Moon

Corn Maiden Moon
Acrylic on an old cabinet door
14" X 10.5"
A showery day—late summer, creeping into fall—and I was headed home for the day. The sky was a cornucopia of cloud shapes: billowy towers, veils of purple and gray, and swathes of white, slate, and lavender—all layered across the deepening blue. One of the bands shifted and there was a brilliant pearl of a fat, full moon.  

I gasped and fumbled for my phone, hoping to snap a photo out the side window of the car. Of course, there was not one single red light to be had when I needed one, so at great peril and much scrabbling, one hand juggling my phone, the other steering the car, I managed to get a lopsided, blurry shot of the sky without crashing into anyone on the highway. Yes, art can be dangerous.

Can you guess why I called it Corn Maiden Moon?