Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top of the World

When I look back on my life so far, it seems my destiny was to end up in the mountains. I grew up looking out my bedroom window at the mountain range where I would eventually live. Our house was on Mountain View Drive and I went to Top of the World Elementary. And that's the kicker in the odd synchronicity of these things. Little did I know that one day I would climb a mountain and stand on what felt like the top of the world to me.

Once you reach Trail Crest, you've gained most of the elevation on your way to the summit of Mt. Whitney. At 13,600 feet, you find yourself on a knife-edge ridge, where you can see forever. Valleys give way to ridges that march off into the distance, growing bluer and paler, eventually melting into the sky. It brings new meaning to bird's eye view. I had never been that high—on the ground, without pharmaceutical aids—in my life. I wanted to soar out over the ridges and valleys as I have in my dreams so many times.

Last weekend, it snowed like crazy. We were supposed to go camping, but due to the storm coming in, we cancelled. We had planned to go to the campground where we stayed the night before we began the hike up Whitney. It's my favorite place to camp and I was looking forward to seeing the eastern Sierra ridge and Whitney once again.

I was extremely disappointed, my moping increased as the weather outlook got nastier. So, since I couldn't visit my mountains, I painted them instead.

Top of the World I, Top of the World II
Panorama Set
8" X 8", Acrylic on Canvas

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Smiley said...

Well, it simply wasn't meant to be (camping last weekend), however look at what resulted in you not going . . . a beautiful painting of one of your favorite spots! Camping can always be rescheduled . . . sometimes inspiration can't! Smiles!