Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cyclamen Dance

The dance is complete. With a sigh of satisfaction I signed this piece, which flowed from the first delicate pencil lines to the last brushstroke. Rendering the color, the pattern, the texture, was as satisfying as great sex, a wonderful meal, the sincere and deep hug from a small child you've just met. It felt so good to have a success after the frustration of the last piece.

Here is the weird thing though—or maybe not—yesterday when I was working out, I found myself looking at the creek painting once again, which had remained sitting in the living room, festering quietly. Forlornly propped against the television cabinet, I had ignored it for days. I think I even swiffered around it a few days ago, gathering up the dust bunny frame. That's how immune I'd become to its presence.

Now that my head has cleared, washed clean by watercolor, I noticed it once again. It may not be such a bad painting after all. Sure, it needs some work, but it isn’t the train wreck I thought it was. I'm going to take it back to the studio and see what happens.

Cyclamen Dance
12" X 16", Watercolor


Linda H said...

Susan, It is beautiful!

Linda Hadman

Smiley said...

I think this one was an accomplishment in more ways than one . . . I love the colors. This is a "happy" piece. Your "florals" suit you well!