Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Struggle is Real

Pink Peonies

Acrylic on Wood panel

16" x 20"

If you’ve been in my studio lately you’ve seen this painting languishing, quietly saying, “Are you ever going to finish me?” Seems I finally did.
Friends of ours gave us this bouquet of peonies, and they were so beautiful, I had to paint them. They have several bushes in their yard that bloom spectacularly each year and they shower neighbors and friends with colorful bouquets.

I love peonies, but a deer yanked up the plant we had, just after one lonely blossom appeared. Apparently, she hadn’t heard that deer don’t eat peonies. It was probably the same doe that ate our ristra (made of dried red peppers) one winter. The deer will eat just about everything in our neighborhood. 

This piece is unique in that it is painted on a wooden panel with 1-inch sides—so the painting is continued on those side panels. 

Where the struggle I referred to comes in to play is that I have at least half a dozen unfinished paintings that I work on, set aside, work on some more, and so on.
I’ve got a lovely mountain scene from above Andrews Lake with a section I’ve reworked 3 times and I’m still not happy with it. (Grrrr.) Another is a waterfall that has great promise once I figure out what to do with the trees.
It’s always fun to start something new, but not always easy (or fun) to finish.
And, something else has captured my attention recently—a return to experimenting with woodcuts—and that’s been much more exciting. Stay tuned as that journey unfolds.

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Anonymous said...

Susan, I just discovered this! What fun. I guess I will have to (begrudgingly) get back on Facebook this year. How about some art lessons (private...starting with drawing :) later this Spring when we could be outside??