Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hop Valley Sunrise

Hop Valley Sunrise
11.5” X 10”
Acrylic on a reclaimed cabinet door - upcycling!

A few years ago, me and “the boys” (Clint and our two hiking buddies Bob and Peter), went on a backpack trip in Zion through Hop Valley down to La Verkin Creek. It was October, but still very warm, so the morning we hiked out, we loaded up our packs and hit the trail in the dark wearing our headlamps. 

The walk started with a steep climb out of the canyon and by the time we made it to the top and started to cross the narrow valley, the sun was up. But, the cliffs blocked the sun—so it took a while before the light hit the west side of the valley in a blaze of color. But when it did, it was spectacular. Something I will never forget.

Apologies to my hiking mates, who were ahead of me when I took the photo, I didn't include them in the painting. As usual, I was bringing up the rear.


AprilSpring said...

Hey Susan, Hop Valley is the one in the separate section of Zion NP to the north, correct? I went there, also with a bunch of boys, back in college days. My friend Pam and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and a couple other UC Santa Barbara types and I drove across the Mojave Des at the height of spring wildflower season and Pam and I, both taking a plant tax class, made the guys stop constantly so we could check out the blooms.
Finally we got to Zion, but not before the dog of one of the other guys got sprayed by a skunk. I have memories of the dog washdown in the park campground with tomato juice. So we backpacked (with the dog--legal then?, legal now?)into Hop Valley for probably 2 or 3 nights. Went to see a fabulous arch. Did you see it?
And a ringtailed cat stole cheese, semi-melted, out of our backpacks while we were off on our day hike. I think we saw it slurking (?) around later and figured it must have been the culprit. That was 1976 or so.
It was a great trip. So glad you made it there also. I hadn't been in Zion for many many years until 2013 and had forgotten just how spectacular it is. I was thoroughly amazed all over again.
Painting is so nice. Seeing it and all the others (of which I could say a few things about too but won't now...) lifts the spirits. "Susan spirit-lifter" should be your new name.
Later, alligator,

Unknown said...

You are a sweetie-pie! Yes, Hop Valley is in that separate section of the park. Sounds like you had an adventurous trip!! Two of our party went to see the arch while Clint and I stayed back at camp and decorated for one of their birthdays. We had battery operated lights, party hats and horns, and cake to surprise him with. It was an awesome trip!