Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunset Splendor

Sunset Splendor

14” X 10.5”

Acrylic on a reclaimed cabinet door

The car was loaded to the brim with gear and we were hauling a heavy trailer. We had to take it easy on the curves and hauling it up the hill out of town was slow business. We were on our way to a work event in Boulder, Utah where we were expecting more than 85 people. We’d been preparing for this celebration event for months.

A long way from anywhere, Boulder sits in some beautiful country, near Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Our route took us through a section of Capitol Reef National Park just as the sun was going down. Talk about luck—the colors were spectacular! Fortunately, I wasn’t the one driving at the time and was able to grab a couple of photos with my phone while in transit.

It was just the “awe” we needed after being on the road for several hours. The day had started early, with packing our gear and supplies into the funky rented trailer with a stubborn sticky door. Though we wouldn’t arrive in Boulder until well after dark, it was just the lift we needed to get us the rest of the way there.

This is an odd size because it is painted on an old cabinet door, one of several given to me by an artist friend who had the great idea to upcycle them for paintings, but didn’t want to move them to Oregon with her. Because of the door’s construction, this piece has a natural frame on it. I’m running low on these, but fortunately found some more at a yard sale last year, so I can continue this series. Stay tuned...

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