Sunday, August 11, 2019

Afternoon Glow

Afternoon Glow
7” X 5”
Watercolor with Ink 
Picasso had his “Blue” period, and apparently, I’m in my “Line” period. I’m intrigued with color, shape, and the linear description of that shape. It started when I was going through my “starts”—unfinished demonstration paintings—and thinking about my next watercolor lesson, where students would combine ink with watercolor to experiment with a new effect.

This is that delightful ridge line in Idaho you’ve seen before (and you’ll see again). As we painted, the light began to warm as the clouds that graced us with a 30-raindrop shower wafted off to more promising places to scatter their precious moisture.

The jagged ridge ran as far as you could see. Constantly changing as the sun moseyed west, every moment the ridge shifted as features were lit, and then subdued in blue-purple shadows. The only constant was the imposing saw-toothed contour against the sky.

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