Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Year’s Snow

A New Year's Snow
12" X 9"

Last year, we didn’t have a white Christmas. Instead, we had a white New Years. So, early that morning, having gone to bed well before midnight, off we went to explore our new home blanketed in snow. It was clear, cold, and very quiet. The smart folks were still at home snuggled up to a cup of coffee. The world was ours and it was beautiful: snow banners billowing off the La Plata peaks, showers of sparkle coming off the trees, and an intense blue sky emerging as the storm blew out. 

We felt the joy of a hopeful year ahead of us— filled with anticipation of change and good things to come—our unfolding move, finding our place in a new town, perhaps starting to build a home in the spring. We had no hint of the challenges we would face in the coming year. 

Come this December, it snowed and snowed, giving us the white Christmas we all hoped for. I watched the snow and worked on this painting—thinking about how we would say a resounding farewell to the trials of 2015 and pin our hearts to a new year with fresh hopes and dreams.

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