Saturday, October 10, 2015

Morning on the Animas

Morning on the Animas
12" X 12"
Acrylic on Canvas

I had to get out and paint—a strong urge I could not ignore. I loaded the car up with everything. Usually I gather up just my watercolors, but this time I thought I’d try painting with acrylics. That meant more stuff, but for where I was going, it would be manageable. I’d seen a spot along the Animas River that looked promising and the river had been begging me to paint it.

The Animas is special. It holds a singular place in the hearts of the people who live here and I’ll bet many who visit the region take the river home in their dreams. I know I did before we moved here. I thought this tie to the river was just my own kooky nature nutty-ness. Soon, I realized it wasn’t just me. 

Its full name, River of Lost Souls, might hold a clue. Are we drawn to it because, we ourselves are lost souls? Or, perhaps because we are found again—here along the Animas? Maybe the river is a thread to the lost souls in each of our lives. Somehow, I know that whoever named it must have felt this connection too. 

It was a bright, clear, cool autumn morning that we all live for. The river sparkled in the sun. I found the perfect place to camp out where the morning light tickled my artistic soul. About 5 hours later, I left with this painting.

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