Sunday, September 9, 2012

Simple Shapes, Brilliant Color

Sunset Nectarines
10" X 8"
Acrylic on Canvas

Already, I’m feeling the pressure as we begin to frame pieces for the show. This piece is evidence of that; it’s framed already!

Over last week’s long weekend, I had a glorious day of painting, painting, and more painting. I touched-up and varnished one piece and then started and completed this painting. It’s not often that I get an extended block of painting time like that. These luscious nectarines had been taunting me for a few days, rich and ripe and screaming with brilliant sunset corals, reds, and oranges. I just had to paint them. 

This was a “flow” painting. All the art forces are in perfect alignment, and the painting just magically pours out of me somehow while I loll in color and texture. Ahhh. These kinds of paintings feel so good--especially after I’ve struggled with a piece.

On another note, I’m making prints and note cards in preparation for the show. I’m printing with archival inks on fine art paper and so far, they are looking good. Let me know if there are paintings you are especially fond of to help me decide which to print. I’ll be making prints in 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 9 x 12, and 16 x 20. If there is something specific you want, just send me an email.
Until next time…

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