Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tah-Dah and The Next Big Thing

This one?

This past Sunday marked the 1-year anniversary of this blog. Yay. Wow. It’s been a year. I hope you have enjoyed my art and stories as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me. And thanks to Clint who patiently waited for dinner while I obsessively “got my post up” for the week (well, most weeks).

What’s next?

Well, this year, in addition to ongoing adventures in art, I want to set up a link to a storefront where you can buy prints of my work online. Yikes. It’s in writing now, so I guess I have to follow through on this. This step is easier said than done. Starting the blog was a piece of cake. It’s far easier to blather on about art than it is to set up a shopping cart and the logistics of my offering. 

Or this one?
In fact, I had intended to make put this post up on Sunday, but I ended up spending the entire afternoon trying to figure out the new archival-ink printer. It’s one of those helpful models that makes printing “EZ”, but the reality—it’s darn near impossible to print something outside of the pre-sets. Maybe if they spelled easy correctly that wouldn’t be the case. I’m always a little leery of things that claim to be EZ. Despite that, I’m making progress. So, untangling the process of getting prints up online is what I’ll be working on in between paintings.

Or maybe this one?

Here’s where you can help. 

Tell me which pieces you like best. Not everyone has the same taste, but there will be some pieces that are more popular than others. I’d hate to waste that expensive paper on something no one likes. Choose as many as you like (oh please say you like at least one) to help point me in the right reproductive direction. Feel free to tell me your choices by making a comment on the blog, sending me an e-mail, or shooting an arrow into the front door with a message tied to it, whatever works for you.

Thanks! Now back to that painting of the sycamore I started…

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