Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not Enough Hours

My annual show* is screaming towards me like a bunch of crazy women running for the doors at a 3 am Black Thursday sale.

I have to start killing off the dust bunnies and get the framing finished, both of which have taken over the dining room. Once the art is framed and the house is clean, it’s time for the most difficult part of preparing for a show: the dreaded hanging. Yes, we’re still talking about art. I know Clint dreads it every year.

All the paintings, drawings, and prints are lined up against the walls so we know what we have to work with. Then the debate begins. Where to hang what; trial and error, moving and re-hanging. Will these frames go together? Are the colors compatible? Which wall color looks best behind the piece? Does the piece have glass and reflect too much light? It’s a complicated process. It all has to go together, create a flow, and look absolutely, positively perfect.

No pressure.

The good news is I get to procrastinate a little bit longer due to a well-needed, long-awaited camping trip. And we don’t have to weigh anything. No mini art kit this trip; and I’m bringing an entire bottle of wine, too. The car is carrying it. Best of all, I can take my big ole art bag with every set of watercolors and every pad of paper I own. Oh happy day—another plein-air-a-palooza.

Until next week,

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Mr. Legendary Leather said...

LOL! Don't forget the most important part . . . everything comes together for every art show and they all look great! It will all work out. Your camping trip will be your saving grace as you gear up for the show. ENJOY!
Deb :o)

Artology Now said...

Somehow we always seem pull it together. The trip was great, by the way. Now I'm ready to buckle down and get things done!