Friday, August 19, 2011

My Studio Show!

Pre-show helpers/party animals who hadn't gotten dressed for company yet.
Please, don't get the wrong idea, we prefer that you wear pants.

I want to get the word out to all fifteen of my loyal followers that I’ve scheduled my annual show for Saturday, November 5th, 2011

For those of you who have come in the past, you know it’s always a fun time. In fact, I can say I have never had anyone leave looking cranky. There’s plenty of socializing, and no end to the food and drink (people are still talking about last year’s sangria), and of course, we have my art on display and for sale all over the upper floors of the house. It’s a party—only with art.

You can't tell here, but the lighting was spectacular—especially as we moved into the evening.
Last year, my Lighting Director and Show Presentation Master (Clint) really cranked things up a notch with the addition of awesome lighting –– which he designed, engineered, and installed. This made a huge difference! People noticed paintings they had overlooked for years.

Clint came up with the idea to use large antique saws as hanging devices. It was an inventive way to present the paintings, adding a rustic element that complemented the artwork.
When you come to the show, be sure to check out our outdoor gallery space on the back deck; a favorite spot for many. People stay there for hours, enjoying the mountain air and beautiful view of the ridge. As the day moves on, we light the outdoor fireplace to ward off the chill. It makes for a cozy setting when you are gathered ‘round a fire with old and new friends.

Although you’ve previewed several of the pieces that will be on display here, just wait until you see my work all dressed up for the show. Framing and lit—it’s an extreme makeover—only for paintings.

This is my talented student, Morgan Owen. She also displayed some of her artwork.
So, be sure to save the date: Saturday, November 5th, 2011. We haven’t set the time yet, but it will probably be late morning until into the early evening. Get it on your calendar right away. I know you will have fun.

If you have not come in the past, or want to be added to my invitation list, be sure to send me an email at

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