Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farewell to Winter

6" X 6"
Acrylic on canvas

A week or so ago, the birds declared it was spring. We got up one morning, and for the first time since last fall, it was warm enough to enjoy our coffee out on the back deck. When I opened the door, the welcoming confetti of cheeps, peeps, and songs filled me with joy.

There were birds everywhere. It was like being in a crowded auditorium where everyone is talking at once, an unintelligible burble that is a bouquet of voices. Only this was much more pleasant. Added to that, it smelled like spring—green—the warmth of the sun coaxing the scent out of everything.

Once the weather warms and we say farewell to winter, I want to be outside. Three-year-old Gabby said it best when she told Clint last spring, “I like outside”. Me too.

I went outside and trimmed back the skeleton stalks of the sunflowers and hollyhocks. They are the winter guardians, hunching over the garden withstanding rain, snow, and wind that will send seat cushions into the next county. I especially love the remains of the sunflowers, which I cut and keep around the house.

I cheated a little with this post. Sunflower is a painting I did last year and sold at my show in November. I thought I’d share it this week in honor of the trimming I did while I continue my work on the next new new painting (sorry, I was outside). Here’s a hint of what’s to come: daffodils.

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